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Shane White

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Trimming Down and Stepping Up

Determined to be a better husband and father, my health journey is about more than weight.

120kg or 265 lb. Carrying that for most of my adult life has been hard enough. But, the heavier load has been the things people can't see - the health concerns and emotional strain that come with it.

At 49 years old, I look back on a life full of challenges and blessings. A marriage that ended in separation, raising 5 wonderful kids, packing up everything and starting again in a new country, to finding my beautiful soul-mate.

Throughout it all, my health has taken the brunt of the hard-times. I've stress eaten to get by and learned to live with a body that never really felt like my own.

Worse still, health concerns caused by my weight put my family's happiness in jeopardy. It's a hard thing, to go through so much for the people you love, only to risk it due to a lifetime of poor health and bad choices.

In my case, the doctors told me I had a dangerous build-up of visceral (or internal) fat around my kidneys, liver and heart. If I wanted to grow old with my wife and play with my grandkids, things had to change.

But how? I had tried everything and spent thousands to control my weight. The meal replacement shakes delivered short-term gains, but I just wasn't built for a liquid diet and couldn't sustain it in the long-run.
I was all over the place on the Atkins diet, this diet and that diet. One week I would feel confident that I was finally on track, only to see no results and feel irritable and hungry the next.

Paleo and the Ketogenic diet weren't much better. Understanding the science behind the diets and reshaping my schedules and shopping list, that I could do. Where I struggled was in the constant battle against hunger and cravings. Put simply, I didn't have the willpower to completely cut out my favourite foods and sugar.The hardest part was letting down my wife after all her motivation and optimism. That one hurt. On May 6, 2018, a friend of mine casually mentioned that he had seen a new, all-natural weight management supplement on a primetime news show.

Together we found the Calocurb website. I was intrigued, deeply sceptical but looking for something, anything, to help. What did I have to lose right? I made my first order on the spot. The next month would change my life.

On the surface, I've lost 17kg to date or 38lb. (15 August 2018) It's been a slow, steady loss - around 1.8kg or 4lb a week.
But honestly, the weight represents only a small part of the transformation I've experienced in the last few weeks. The real changes are in my mindset.

I'm future-focussed like never before. Where I used to feel trapped by my weight, I now see each choice as an act of commitment to my family, my wife and to me. I've finally found the willpower to build a better life out of the hundreds of little choices I make everyday.

The list of things I've changed is long. I've replaced sugary coffee with black and can taste the real flavours now. My green or ginger tea, have replaced the mochaccinos. I've swapped out fries for salads, drink less alcohol and I've got my sugar cravings under control.
Case in point, I absolutely love Ferrero Rocher chocolates. For the last week there have been a dozen sitting in the kitchen cupboard. A few months ago, they wouldn't have lasted a day. Now, they're still there - one a week is enough for me.

Healthier food choices are just the foundation when it comes to building a healthier me.
I'm exercising here and there but my eating habits and healthy choices are my foundation - walking and weight training after years off is my next goal. In a few weeks, I'm taking it to the next level and starting a strength training program in the comfort of my home.I'm also realising that health and happiness go hand-in-hand. This sense of energy and optimism I feel has improved my most important relationships.

The way I talk to my children has changed - I'm more of the positive, supportive Dad I want to be. The same goes for my wife and friends. The change I've gone through has been profound to say the least, but I want to be clear about this - it's not all down to healthy eating and Calocurb. The transformation has taken work - lot's of it.

When I tell people about my story, I describe Calocurb as a tool, a helping-hand to kick-start this cycle of better food choices. You have to want the lifestyle change and be prepared to make sacrifices for it - with or without calocurb. It is imperative you change your mindset. For the power of change, lies deep within.

I also want to encourage those just starting out with your own journey, to stick with it. Endure the immediate side effects, as your body adapts to change. I also experienced mood swings and headaches Etc, for the first few weeks before my body accepted the dramatic changes.

I have a destination in mind for this health journey too - a definite and set in concrete date. On April 1, 2019 I will turn 50 years old. On that day I will weigh 85kg or 187 lb. That's my promise to my beautiful 5 children, my 2 Grandchildren, to my amazing and beautiful wife, even to you the reader and to myself.

It's a promise I'm going to keep.
- Shane White